Juliet Azedi Ajaab (Fashion designer and Writer)

juliet posterBiography
Meet Juliet Azedi Ajaab , the founder and Designer for the fashion Label, ZediCross, a young and contemporary African fashion label that is fast becoming one of the finest in the country. Versatile! is the one word i can think of to describe this charming lady who is not only a fashion designer but an artist and writer as well. She attended the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where she graduated with a Bachelor of arts in culture and tourism in 2009 after which she got a certificate from the School of Tourism and Hotel Management in 2010. Prior to starting her own fashion label, she has worked in various capacities with the likes of Nubuke Foundation, The New Horizon 5 Company and the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. She enjoys playing basketball, singing, writing and swimming among other things.
Zedi&Cross was started in 2010 and has received two nominations so far in the last two years in the Ghana fashion awards. It has also recently hit the international scene with their latest collection that is now available in London. More about this in the interview below.

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