Duah Francis Boafo (Animator/ CG generalist/ Graphic designer)

francis posterBiography

Duah is an artist with much interest in 3d animation,visual effect and graphic design, currently working as CG generalist and graphic designer in the advertising industry. His works are driven by passion and created with love. Always looking for opportunity to improve his professional experience and skills in order to give fresh and splendid results. He is always looking for real and tough challenges that will squeeze the best out of him.







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1. Please introduce yourself

Thanks for this interview; well I’m a Ghanaian born artist. I am a young man with a strong passion for film, advertising, animation, illustration and design.

2. How do you define your art?

Haha, I’m an artist. I love and practice most of art form, from fashion, music design, painting and other forms of art. Well am professionally focusing on art direction, animation and graphic design.

3. How did you become a CG artist and animator?

My story is like many other artists. I grew up realizing I prefer to draw than write and watch images than read. When I was a kid I was always doodling and drawing on my table and the back of my books in class. Always cutting and playing with papers, just anything I could create with. So right form then I knew I wanted to do some kind of art but I never knew it would be a career then. I went on to study visual arts in senior high school. From there I went on to study communication design at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. It was there that I was introduced to some design and animation software from some wonderful senior course mates. It blew my mind and I fell in love right away. I spent most of my time playing with them, watching videos; reading books, magazines, online articles and talking to other artists, things I still do anyway. I was lucky enough to get a job before completing school, which made the transition from school to job very smooth. Yea that’s it.

4. What roles do innovation and creativity play in your work?

Without creativity there is no art. It’s all about problem solving or engaging audience in a new and uncommon ways. Helping clients to sell their product or service, educate, and above all entertaining audience.

5. What do you think is the role of innovation and creativity in national development?

All the good products and services we see in the world today came as a result of individual problem solving. If people are going to be creative in solving their own problems, we may come up with unique and wonderful ideas that could create revenue for the country in the likes of Facebook, which came from a student who wanted to make connection between students easy. Rather than end up following one trend, which gets chocked and mediocre at the end of the day. Like “space to space”, plantain chips, and currently the fashion trend now; same designs everywhere.

6. What is the role of other creative, networking or collaborations in your work?

The best way to grow as an artist is to learn from other artist; the better they are the faster you grow. So for me I always try to surround myself with artist better than I am. Even with the ones I have not seen, thanks to technology.

7. What is the role of education in innovation and creativity?

Education is a very important factor when it comes to innovation and creativity especially the non–‐formal education, which is more focused on the results than formulas. Formal education has the tendency of putting us in a box. Education is just a faster way of transferring knowledge to the younger generation. How effective it will be depends on the structure.

8. Which project/ piece has been your favourite or most challenging?

Mr Odenden; a campaign I worked on at Insel Communication, one of Ghana’s best Advertising agency and production house. It’s a CGI animated character with live action human interaction for Odenden bitters (Westcost Beverages). It was a fun project, both creatively and technically challenging. Lots of late nights. There was so much responsibility for me on that project and was our first time working on such a project. I learnt a lot on that project. Yea it was fun.

9. What is next for you, where do you see yourself in the future?

For me I just want to create the best piece of work I can, as to where, I don’t know yet. I’m currently studying a course in art direction in Cape Town (SA). Want to see how it goes. Anywhere I can be useful, helpful and great is the place I want to be.

10. What advice do you have for anyone, especially the youth, who want to pursue similar profession/ art?

Well I don’t really see myself in a position to advice, but these are few things that have been useful to me. Practice, practice, practice, follow your heart and your passion, constantly upgrade yourself, research, throw your ego away, don’t just copy, don’t be too serious about it live a life, enjoy it, help others, don’t settle always keep the bar high. Be strong.  LOVE GOD

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