Third Behance portfolio review…9th Nov. 2013, Hub Accra, Osu

ImageBehance Portfolio Reviews bring members of the behance network together at events in cities and towns around the world — organized by members, for members. MESH Confabs is proud to be the organizer of three events so far in the last two years. The idea for attending a Portfolio Review is to present and get feedback on your work, hear from experienced professionals, and meet your local creative community. The founding of MESH started with the first Behance Portfolio Review event which was held in november of 2012. Following are some pictures and videos (coming soon) from the last event

_MG_8107 _MG_8105 _MG_8104 _MG_8103 _MG_8101 _MG_8097 _MG_8096 _MG_8095 _MG_8093 _MG_8092 _MG_8089 _MG_8088 _MG_8087 _MG_8085 _MG_8084 _MG_8083 _MG_8080 _MG_8078 _MG_8074 _MG_8073 _MG_8066 _MG_8065 _MG_8064 _MG_8063 _MG_8062 _MG_8061 _MG_8058 _MG_8057 _MG_8056 _MG_8055 _MG_8054 _MG_8051 _MG_8048 _MG_8047 _MG_8046 _MG_8042 _MG_8041 _MG_8038 _MG_8036 _MG_8030 _MG_8029 _MG_8026 _MG_8024 _MG_8023 _MG_8021 _MG_8020 _MG_8018 _MG_8017 _MG_8016 _MG_8015 _MG_8014 _MG_8010 _MG_8008 _MG_8007 _MG_8005 _MG_8002 _MG_7999 _MG_7998 _MG_7995 _MG_7994 _MG_7993 _MG_7991 _MG_7990 _MG_7989 _MG_7986 _MG_7985 _MG_7982 _MG_7981 _MG_7977 _MG_7975 _MG_7973 _MG_7972 _MG_7967 _MG_7966 _MG_7964 _MG_7962 _MG_8132 _MG_8131 _MG_8128 _MG_8126 _MG_8121 _MG_8120 _MG_8118 _MG_8117 _MG_8115 _MG_8112 _MG_8111 _MG_8110 _MG_8108

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