Accratopia: Towards a Utopian Vision of Accra in 2050.

board-93.5 x 33inches small

board2......93.5 x 33inchesThis project has evolved out of a mission to create a utopian vision of Accra as the capital city of Ghana. Our idea is to spark a chain reaction that will systematically imbibe the concept of utopia into the new Ghanaian through a series of collaborative projects by Ghanaian creatives towards creating realistic depictions of what we want our city to look like in the future.
While the concept of utopia somewhat exists in our traditional folklore and culture, it largely remains oral and in very few cases in volumes of written material in very abstract form. Our mission hear is to spark a whole new generation of forward thinking Ghanaians who are constantly looking to the future with optimism and a drive to create a better future for ourselves and most importantly, future Generations.
We do this through series of creative projects that involve creatives from across the spectrum of creative disciplines and also taking into considerations developmental trends in all aspects of life. These projects which are largely artistic depictions are intended to spark the discourse which will eventually lead to real life projects that will see our utopian vision of Accra and essentially Ghana and Africa at large come to fruition. For more information and to follow the project, check out our Accratopia blog at

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