KNUST Fashion Week, 2014

It was an explosion of colour at the two runway shows that climaxed this year’s Fashion Week at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. Apparel showcased were from student labels as well as known brands like AVD, Sarah Christian, House of Paon, AfriKen  and Hall of Peters, to name a few.

Having been missing from the fashion scene, Ghanaian supermodel, Felivian Ayariga Adombila, made her return to thunderous applause and cheers from a delighted audience.

The KNUST Fashion Week is an annual event, organized by Ayo-A Models Ghana, to recognize the talents of young designers and models.

Here are a few of the Photos our camera’s managed to capture at the event. Photos by Edem Tamakloe

KNUST Fashion Wk '14 photo coverage of KNUST Fashion week 2014. All rights reserved

Backstage-3-3 Backstage-4-3 Backstage-7 Backstage-9-2 Backstage-11-3 Backstage-12 Backstage-12-2 Backstage-13-2 Backstage-18 Backstage-24 Backstage-25 Backstage-26 Backstage-27 Backstage-34 Backstage-36 Backstage-42 Backstage-46 Day One Runway-7 Day One Runway-11 Day One Runway-13 Day One Runway-15 Day One Runway-21 Day One Runway-23 Day One Runway-31 Day One Runway-47 Day One Runway-49 Day One Runway-52 (2) Day One Runway-52 Day One Runway-53 Day One Runway-57 Day One Runway-60  Day One Runway-74 (2) Day One Runway-74 Day One Runway-78 Day One Runway-82 Day One Runway-83 Day One Runway-95 Day One Runway-96 Day One Runway-99 Day One Runway-108 Day One Runway-110 Day One Runway-111 Day One Runway-112 Day One Runway-122 Day One Runway-135 Day One Runway-137 Day One Runway-148 Day One Runway-158 Day One Runway-164 Day One Runway-170 Day One Runway-178 Day One Runway-180 Day One Runway-185 Day One Runway-186 Day One Runway-192 Day Two Day Two-2

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