Ehalakasa: Poetry +Music +Theatre +Dance Event; Feb. 2014

Ehalakasa is an inter-disciplinary platform which, through spoken word, interrogates the relationship between poetry, music, dance and theatre. A monthly event that happens every last Sunday of each month beginning from February each year. MESH TV made it to the First event for 2014 and we sure did have our fair share of wonderful performances from some of the finest contemporary spoken word artists, in Ghana at the moment. Here are some highlights from what our cameras managed to capture.

Roots n’Rhythm, feature poet for the first Ehalakasa for 2014 performed three beautiful spoken word pieces,  Blazing hope, Butterfly tales and About friendship along with some enchanting music by the ensemble for the night and together they sent the audience rousing with applause at the end.  Hope you enjoy it as we did.

After a very interesting performance we could not pass on an opportunity to have a chat with the feature poet for the night. Here is the conversation we had with her about herself, poetry in Ghana and Canada, her thoughts on the Ghanaian creative scene in general and national development.

_MG_2625 1903387_687534484602544_1324716956_n 1926973_687532577936068_1121184093_n 1938794_687534491269210_865644351_o 1938860_687534414602551_1752050042_o 1947458_687533597935966_1675194244_n (1) 1959182_687534234602569_1783408260_o (1) 1961533_687533761269283_1079748787_n 1972709_687534454602547_522637867_o 1972853_687533794602613_1890695353_o 1980638_687534324602560_1167138696_n (1)

Photo Credits: Darko Photography; Team Blackimage

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