FashionistaGH Shopping Festival, 2014

Fashionistagh Shopping Festival, over the last few years has emerged into one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle events in Ghana. This is a yearly event that brings fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts into contact with the teaming Ghanaian fashion designers, labels and retailers to meet each other, network, and generate business in one venue and over a period of three days. In the words of Ob Abenser, founder, FashionistaGH exists to make sure everything fashion and lifestyle happening in this town goes out to the world. They do not only do that, in fact, they are fast becoming the leader in organising such events themselves.

Apart from fashion however, it has become a congregation of some of the most talented young creatives from the wider creative and design landscape of the country and internationally. At a quick glance at this year’s event, one could not help but notice the bevy of photographers, videographers, bloggers, web designers, models, architects, musicians, filmmakers, tv personalities and so on. This year’s fashionistaGH shopping festival was a pleasant reminder that there is a creative revolution cooking up and that indeed there just might be hope for the future.

Some of the highlights of the event were free photo-shoots for exhibitors and visitors courtesy of Team100Words, which generated a lot of ‘photo traffic’ the Accra[dot]alt talk party session which got participants and exhibiters alike dancing it out to the Rhythms of DJ Keyzz and DJ Pam, a selfie competition and the runway shows by some of the exhibitors at the end of each day. Manifest, one of Ghana’s finest musicians/rapper delivered a splendid performance to crown the show.

Exhibitors included a mix of some of the well-known as well as up and coming fashion designers, labels and allied services such as beauticians, retailers, stylists and so on. Of note were labels such as Nallem Clothing, Elikem Kumordzie the Tailor, Monarki, B’venage, So Aesthetic, Zedi, Afro Mod Trendz, Kayobi Clothing, Krakye and many more.

Here are some photos from the last two days of the event. Photos were taken by Keelson Photography for MESH TV.

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