Accra Green Market

It is not always you get to attend a green market in Ghana and so when we at MESH TV heard about the Accra Green Market and were given the opportunity to be a media partner for the event, we knew we could not pass on this one and indeed, we were glad we didn’t. Organized by AGRIPRO, an organization building the capacity to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale farmers, providing training and education on sustainable agriculture and how it benefits farmers and Agribusinesses, and connecting buyers/investors with farmers/sellers, this was the first of its kind in the country and there are already plans for the next on to be held on November 30th at Osu Ako Adei Park, Accra from 9am to 6pm.

The objectives of the Accra Green Market, according to the organizers are:

1.    Offer their finest selections of produce, delicacies, and unique specialty items from around the country.
2.    Provide the platform for sustainable agriculture produce markets, and farmers to sell their fresh produce to local residents
3.    Reviving the culture of community, increase economic activities in community
4.    Create an awesome venue in Accra where people can purchase the best of sustainable agric products and value added products in Ghana

Exhibitors included Moco Foods, an organic company that produces local forest honey and fiery chilli sauce, True Moringa, a skin and cosmetic product company that produces from moringa seeds as a raw material, the Green Ghanaian initiative, and Jekora Venture, producers of JV Comp Soil, a 100% organic soil conditioner and other organically conscious farmers, producers and retailers in a fun atmosphere that included fun and games for kids, music, competitions and a fashion show.


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