Alternative Rock band from the dead


The Ghanaian music industry seems to be getting more daring by the day. My sudden interest for this genre was cultivated by a new band I discovered a few weeks ago. Rock music is a very popular genre in most parts of the world, Africa, most specifically West Africa hasn’t had the chance to experience this wonderful part of music. Lucky for us one band is defying the odds and is going hard on delivering beautiful and unique artistry which is Alternative rock. Dark Suburb has an intriguing story that only doesn’t baffle your imagination but creates an urge to want to know more. They are reckoned as the dead and can only be awakened by a chief priest who possesses the power to bring back this band to life.
MESH is very interested in this strange yet very unique band for one thing, Creativity. The band debuted its hit single a few weeks with a video that has kept every artistic person talking. “I DEY FEEL YOU DIE” is a song that talks about love and its very intense nature and this has perfectly been reflected in its video. The presence of the band was real, the lead singer’s peculiar and captivating voice, the strumming of the electric guitar in its self very electrifying.The video concept was simple slowly unfolding the story. The creative director seemed to be on top of his game incorporating different moods which played very well with the video. The bands costume was spectacular representing Dark Suburb and what it stands for and against. Clearly, materialism showing off flashy cars and fine things wasn’t an objective of the band. Dark Suburb stands for making a difference and I can boldly say it is being achieved. The mere existence of the band in the Ghanaian music industry is enough for me to acknowledge this. Luckily for us we will be served with more fascinating music and concepts that touch the spot of every interested individual as the band is coming up with their first EP dubbed the AWAKENING. Keep your hands firm to the ground because you should get ready to be blown away

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