Dark Suburb Awakening Concert; A hallmark of Ghanaian Creativity and Innovation

History was made on Saturday 7th of February, 2015 when Dark Suburb, the first ever Ghanaian Alternative Rock band held their first ever Rock music concert in Ghana. Despite much mixed feelings and expectations on the build-up to the concert, the turnout was great, in fact, the largest crowd I have ever witnessed at the Alliance francaise in Accra, for a concert. Though I personally missed much of the opening act sessions, which featured the prolific poet Kacey Moore, Jayso as well as the phenomenal Lioness of Africa, Noela Wiyaala, I am reliably informed that most of the acts were awesome. Here are a few reasons why The Awakening concert was the most creative concert I ever witnessed in Ghana Innovation and Creativity was the hallmark of the Dark suburb performance. Unlike most performances I have witnessed in Ghana, their performance was more or less, as one twitter user put it, a live mural of different kinds of art. Starting from the awesome costume made by Chapter One, to the astonishing motion graphics in the backdrop by Deon Wills, to the set design and lighting by Kobby, you could tell that, every aspect of their performance was carefully thought out. The theatrical opening to the performance which saw a choir singing what was quite remarkably a gothic themed hymn, to the poetic traditional incantations in local dialects and to the ghostly dance performance that ushered in the ‘Chief priest’ of the band, through to the invocations by the ‘Chief priest’ that finally saw the revelation of the band, was very spectacular and the crowd could not help but scream out their lungs when the lead singer of the band took his place by the custom designed microphone stand adorned with a silver skull piece whose eyes lit up red as soon as he touched it. After listening to their 5 track E.P, and having watched a lot of rock concerts at least on YouTube, I did, as I’m quite sure many others did, know what to expect and for a Rock band that is relatively new from this part of the world where rock music is not quite popular yet, we knew to not be too critical if they did not manage to achieve the level of energy that is expected from a rock concert but after a riveting opening intro that got the crowd up on their feet and screaming Dark Suburb!!! Along with the lead singer, we knew, this was for real. Performing a mix of all 5 tracks from their recently released ‘THE AWAKENING’ EP as with other songs that they have not released yet as well as two covers of Michael Jackson and Tracy Chapman, song after song, you could feel the energy levels rising and the crowd going crazy, something that quite frankly, the typical Ghanaian audience at a concert is not very known for being good at and how they managed to sustain that level of energy for as many as 13 tracks nonstop is one that baffled my mind. We were treated to moments of electrifying solos by the electrical guitarists, drummer, keyboardist and bassist interspersed with screaming episodes by the lead singer very characteristic of a rock concert anywhere in the world and when they finally got to their hit single ‘I dey feel you die’ you could hardly hear the lead singer as the crowd took over the singing while dancing and jumping around in circles. To think that a Ghanaian band, let alone a Ghanaian Rock band, let alone a Ghana Rock band whose members are anonymous, could actually pull together such a hugely successful concert, is for me a sign that the Ghanaian youth are actually capable of dealing with the seemingly insurmountable problems that we face as a country and as Africans, through creative collaboration and hard work, and MESH Ghana is very proud to have been a sponsor of such creativity and innovation. I must say a big kudos, to the team at President360, the managing label for Dark Suburb, for putting together such an amazing concert.

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  1. purpledarts says:

    That would have been an amazing show to be a part of!!

    1. Hassan Salih says:

      It certainly was! There is another one at the Republic bar and grill in Osu on the 18th of February so maybe you can catch them there.

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