KNUST Fashion Week is here again!!!

Over the past three years, the KNUST Fashion Week has served as the springboard for new ideas and talents. Ayo A Ghana has linked and secured a collaboration with da Viva to create an initiative; ‘Da Viva Next Generation Designers’ for the fashion Week in 2015. An initiative to reward the efforts of young fashion designers and fashion students who are breaking boundaries the known fashion giants are.

The status quo of the KNUST Fashion Week brand over the years has been to provide an avenue for many young fashion brands and designers an opportunity to showcase their work and expand their clientele base by experiencing fashion in all regards.

A new twist and interesting feature to the KNUST Fashion Week 2015 is the Design Consultancy to be made available to expose these young designers to new ways of approaching the craft of designing and marketing what is designed. These new developments are commitments and strategies being put in place to enable a successful and well organised fashion week next year.

Without breaking sweats, a hard work won’t achieve a perfect result so are the challenges which are motivating factors to ensure the best production for the next fashion week. Ayo A Ghana is the brain KNUST Fashion week based in Kumasi.

Next year’s event is scheduled for February 16th – 21th 2015.

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