[Gallery] Thousands of art lovers throng to James Town Accra for the 5th Chalewote Street art festival.

James town together with Ussher town forms what is commonly referred to as Old Accra. Despite it’s cultural as well as historical significance to the city of Accra, Ghana and Africa as a whole, very few Ghanaians would have considered it a popular destination let alone the venue for the largest street art festival in West Africa, until the advent of Chalewote of course. In its fifth year running, Chalewote has become more that a street art festival, it is now somewhat of a phenomenon as evidenced by the amount of buzz that preceded this year’s event and continues to dominate the Ghanaian social media landscape. MESHTV was at this year’s event which happened from the 21st to 23rd of August 2015 and as usual we captured some of the moments to share with. Video coming soon. Let’s play a little game. It’s called ‘spot the creative’. All you have to do is write the name of any creative you identify in the comments below and please do well to share. We would also love to hear your thoughts on this year’s event so leave a comment below. Cheers!

Day 3

Day 1

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