[Weekly inspiration] Godfre k. Grant’s photorealistic ‘Virtual landscapes’

At first glance one would think these were photographs. Well, these are actually the works of Godfre K. Grant, a traditionally trained ‘2D artist’ but self taught 3D artist whose love of nature translates into very photo realistic pieces using 3d software tools inspired by real places he visits or imagines. Looking at his works, it makes you imagine how much value such skills can add to the Ghanaian and African film industries in general. Read more about the artist at the bottom. We would love to hear your impressions about these works so do leave a comment below.

godfreAbout the Artist: My name is Godfre..yes..no D at the end. Most people call me Grant. At the moment I am visual effects and motion graphic artist at a small studio. I studied Communication Design in KNUST. Before that visual art in Mfantsipim. I’ve always been art oriented one way or the other. I started drawing quite early and was lucky enough to have family that encouraged my passion.

Though I am trained traditionally in ‘2D art’ I am a self taught 3D artist. I have become a generalist in the sense that the industry isn’t very developed in the country so I can’t specialize thus I have come to know quite a bit about all aspects of 3D and visual effects.

I love nature so most of my personal pieces are nature themed. I love to try anything that appeals to me visually and don’t like my artwork to be geographically constrained. I’m just enjoying art. My artworks are inspired either from imagination or a place I have seen myself or in photographs (those I modify to suit my taste)

Contact Godfre K. Grant

Web: www.phaceless2.deviantart.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godfre.grant

Email: blubyte2@yahoo.co.uk

3 Comments Add yours

  1. abdul says:

    Great pieces of art work…. almost thought they were pictures.

  2. Amma Aboagye says:

    The possibilities are actually endless… these are so beautiful!

    1. Hassan Salih says:

      Right? And you haven’t seen quarter of his works yet? Check out the link in article and you would be blown away

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