Jeremiah Quarshie’s hyper-realistic paintings

High level of detail and unbelievable realism are what makes Jeremiah Quarshie’s portraits some of the best we have come accross. They are created from studio photographs manually ‘edited’ as he translates onto canvas (in his own words). He chooses characters from the “foundations of society into pools of utter elegance”— 21st century workers and fictional female characters. The work toes an increasingly blurred line between manual and digital production, reality and fantasy. Here he shares with us a teaser from the upcoming series, ‘Yellow is the Colour of Water,’ an indication of a social and national conciousness in his work.  Jeremiah’s paintings emphasise the connectedness of certain conditions across social classes. The models—played by friends and ordinary women he scouts for—pose as actual and invented roles of beauty queens, businesswomen, and labourers alike. The work becomes a way to approach broader questions of hope in failing political systems

998824_10151495936040684_1787347190_nJeremiah Quarshie studied Fine Art at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST, Kumasi, where he majored in Painting (2003-2007) His works have been exhibited around the world and featured in numerous publications both locally and internationally. He is also a collectors’ favourite boasting a number of very impressive collections including portraits of very important individuals in society.


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Intagram: @jeremiahquarshie

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