Bertil Toby Svanekiaer’s 2d/3d illustrations and animations

“Bertil Toby Svanekiaer is the name and I am not German, I’m very much a Ghanaian. My parents must have had a swell time at my naming ceremony.”

Bertil is a versatile 3d artist, Animator and an Illustrator who’s love for art has always been there since childhood where he always seemed to have a knack for creating things. Even though he studied 2d animation, he also acquired the knowledge and skill he has now as a 3d artist by learning from other 3d artists far and near. He has worked on local and foreign productions.

As an artist, he derives his inspiration from his experiences in life, the past, the present, technology, things he sees around him and the works of other artists. He says he feels at home in this industry because, in his own words “I get to create ANYTHING I want, I get to play god”. He attributes his big imagination to the vast array of creative work he is able to produce.

In 2012, he with his OOTO Studios produced Chaskele, a five minute animated film based on an old Ghanaian game that brought back fond memories of childhood to many Ghanaians.  Watch Chaskele below.

222689_10150237969941789_4358792_n He is an alumnus of Armed Forces Senior Secondary and Technical School where he majored in Science. From there he enrolled at AITI  where he studied some programming. This is where he watched his first animation tutorial and thus the journey to become an animator begun. He later went to the National Film And Television Institute and graduated with a degree (BFA) in Animation. Bertil owes a whole lot to his family who have been very supportive and very thankful to God for being good to him.



Cantact Bertil Toby Svanekiaer



Instagram: @t_svani

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