Through the lens of Apagnawen Annankra

_S4A6446_1Self-taught photographer Apagnawen Annankra, loves nothing more than living life through his camera lens, capturing every essence of beauty from his subjects and being able to tell their unique story.
He is the proud founder and creative director of Apag Studios. They offer a full premium photography service, most commonly in commercial, documentaries and weddings but any request will try to be catered for to the best of their ability.
The Ghanaian born shutterbug first showed an interest in photography after his father sadly passed away and he was asked to prepare a slideshow for his wake. Although Apag is the main creative in the family his passion may have stemmed from his father’s fondness for artistic material as well as photography .
Like many other creative masterminds he did not go to school to learn his craft. Instead he would lock himself away after high school in his bedroom and immerse himself in a fountain of photography knowledge from books or on the internet.
The ambitious 23-year-old sees everyone and everything as an artistic instrument. He added: “How we were created is artistic, we are all unique and deserve a unique look and an original story to tell”.
“My identity is not in the image of being a photographer but more so in an image that I can hang on a wall.”
Written by-Joel Grimes

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