Nando Nkrumah’s hybrid Afro-European art and design

nkrumah_profileNando Nkrumah is a Ghanaian born artist and Designer living in Cologne, Germany who’s work  explores contemporary tools of visual arts and design. Born in Kumasi, Ghana, he moved to Germany in the 1980’s where he studied Industrial Design in Essen (Germany) and Singapore and Media Design in Cologne (Germany) where he now resides.

He combines traditional visual languages from the Ashanti culture (Ghana) with modern computer aided design to produce a union of technology and culture. His work covers a wide scope ranging from animation, jewellery design, painting, illustration, character development etc. He employs concepts which are several hundred years old and these are revealed in the appearance of new materials through his use of the latest technologies of today. His aim is to create a possibility for a new, fresh look on traditional gifts that have existed for  centuries to support social life and strengthen humanity. Although symbolism is one aspects of his design, his work is not bound to existing symbolism but circulates around this core to explore new forms and techniques.
Though a multi-disciplinary and multi-talented artist, at the moment he works primarily in the field of visualisation and 3D animation.

Check out his website to see more of his work

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