Ami Yomekpe’s Afro.Mod.Trends; Afrocentric style and elegance

profile picAmi Yomekpe is a is a multi-faceted Ghanaian designer who’s training in Architecture design combined with her personal sense of style and fashion have given birth to one of the most recognised fashion labels in Ghana.  Established in August 2011, AfroModTrends is an affordable luxury clothing and accessories brand which caters to every woman of every age, from casual tops and skirts, chic dresses to fabulous glitzy gowns. This allows all to appreciate the line of clothing that caters to their intelligence, creativity and individuality, while keeping with its great quality, affordability and African uniqueness. She opened a retail outlet in Accra’s shopping haven, Osu in February 2013 and can boast about six separate collections to her name. See below samples from her across her collections below.


Afro.Mod.Trends have graced runways and shows around the world including Oxford Africa Gala Dinner, UK – 2015, Glitz Africa Fashion Week ,Accra – 2014, Africa International Fashion week, Lagos – 2015, Expressions of Accra – 2013, Glitz Africa Fashion exhibition – 2013, Fashionista GH Fashion Fair – 2013, WOMAN 2.1 Summit – 2013, Glitz Africa Fashion exhibition – 2012 ,Expressions of Accra – 2012


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