Moh Awudu – Street artist extraordinaire

CaptureOn walls, on the streets and on canvas, Mohammed Awudu, popularly known as Moh Awudu is one of Ghana’s most prolific artists. Born and raised in Nima, he sees himself as an ambassador for the community and street art is his means of shining a bright light, or quite literally , ‘a colorful splash of paint’ in his community. Prior to obtaining a  Diploma in fine Arts and Design he underwent training  under Nima artist Mozzay Hashim for years. He then proceeded to AMibs College of Art and Design to obtain a degree. His versatility ranges from  Pencil drawing, Traditional painting , Mural art, Graffiti , digital painting and Fashion designing.

As an artist, Moh is one to be envied  as he has gained local and international recognition such as being listed as one of the Most Talented Artists in Africa by Imago Mundi ( a worldwide magazine publishing house), 2003 Best Art Student( Amibs Art College) and Winner of Absolut Transform Today also known as Sabolai Radio Art competition in 2014. He has also participated, featured in and exhibited in projects and exhibitions around the world including the following:
◆Art in the garden Accra ◆Nima For Peace ◆Tabon Graffiti Project ◆The Message ◆Tales of 2 Cities ◆Art Through Ages ◆Celebrating the convergence of art and history : The story of Ghana @57 ◆The unity of Africa is paramount 2015 ◆Tema art and fashion festival 2015◆Peace Splash 2012 ◆Accra hiphop week 2014 / 2015 ◆Sabolai radio festival ◆Art Haus ◆Paint Nite ◆Art of Freedom ◆Meeting of Styles ◆U r 4africa -Lagos ◆U r 4africa – Accra ◆Ghana Museum ◆Impact hub◆Ispace ◆Tales between two cities ◆Urban life : Nima Accra ◆Invisible boarders Nima Accra ◆Quallofest . Tema ◆Suturadeen ◆European Union Rapid Painting

He has also worked with renowned international artists such as ◆marko93 of France ◆Fabio binho of Brazil ◆Alexandre Keto of Brazil ◆Da Cruz of France ◆Breeze Yoko of South Africa ◆David Harlen of Germany as well as local artists such as ◆Ahmed Tijani ◆Aziz idriss ◆Nicolas Wayo ◆Setordzi Kofi ◆Bright Ackwerh ◆Ian kwankye

Currently, Moh is a member of various associations. He is the Artistic director of Nima Muhinmanchi Art, member of the Foundation for Contemporary Art,  A founding member of the ZONGO INSPIRATION TEAM(ZIT) and Founder of Ghana Graffiti and Public art.

“Using art to influence positive behaviors in my community has been an achievement” according to Moh. He has dedicate a lot of his time to teaching and mentoring kids from deprived ‘zongos’ to appreciate, communicate using art and as well hone their inbuilt artistic skills.

His art collections features heavily at the offices of  Attorney General and Ministry of Justice across the country in Ghana as well as around the world. Also endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Art for his works. Moh as he is affectionately called believes one does not necessarily need to hold or occupy a top position to make an impact. He believes we all have a duty to make things happen, no matter how big or small the effort is.



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