Premiering Pieli – Ghana’s first epic adventure movie

It was only a few months ago when self taught film director Leonard A. Kubaloe and his team from OBL Studios from Tamale stole the show at MESH Creative Confab with his mind boggling presentation that took a mesmerized audience through the series of DIY, improvisation and utter fortitudinous journey in producing the pilot episode of Pieli; the rise of Montana. The little ‘strip tease’ screening of the first few minutes of the movie left the diverse audience of creatives and creativity enthusiast literally begging for more and the feedback that followed, amid cheers and a standing ovation was largely that of admiration and total shock at the level of cinematography, visual effects and stunts displayed in an independent production from Ghana.

Watch MESH Confab presntation

We knew then that we had to help bring this creative awesomeness to a much larger audience in the spirit of ‘Promoting Ghanaian Creativity’ as is our core goal at MESH Ghana and with the support of the Global Cinemas in Accra, who happen to be celebrating Ghanaian movies throughout the month of September, this has become a reality.

You asked for it, now you have it! MESH Presents an OBL Studios production, Pieli Movie Ghana’s first epic adventure series in Dagbani (with English subtitles) at the Global Cinemas in Accra. 10th to 12th September. You can’t miss this historic movie!!!

Watch the official trailer

Synopsis: An action packed adventure movie featuring awesome visual effects, choreography and stunts like never seen before in Ghana, Pieli – The rise of montana is an adventure movie series set in the early 1900s about a young man who is suddenly dawned with the sad reality that not only is he not of the family he has known throughout his life and has grown to love so much, but also he is the only surviving child of a powerful clan (Chinto clan) that perished at the hands of an immortalized merciless ancient warrior (Montana) who long ago pledged to annihilate the entire clan. With the ressurection of this ancient warrior again, what is the fate of this young man? What enemity exists between the warrior and the chinto clan? Are there other suprises he should expect? Find out in this upcomming epic primiere!!!

Date: 1oth – 12 September, 2016
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Film duration: 1 hour
Number of shows per day: 3
Venue: Global Cinemas, Weija, Accra
Director: Leonard A. Kubaloe
Produced by: OBL Studios
Premiere powered by: [MESH Presents] and [Global Cinemas]
Tickets online at or at the front desk at the Global Cinemas, Choice bus stop, Weija. 

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