Support [Ananse’s well rescue] kickstarter campaign

If you were born and raised in Ghana anywhere before the mid 1990s, when GTV was the only station, you must be a big fan of Kweku Ananse, Ghana’s very own spider man, famed for his witty and cunningly ways that always lands him in some sort of trouble. It appears this time, he has found himself stuck in a flooded well and desperately needs rescue. Fancy being a hero? Well you are going to have to wait a bit, better still, back Kiaski Donkor and Project Ananse’s mobile game ‘Ananse’s Well Rescue’.
This Kickstarter campaign hopes to create a unique game that will make learning fun for kids, as well as adults, all over the world. This high quality produced app will also serve as an opportunity to introduce people to the amazing traditions that already exist in Africa.

Created by Kiaski Donkor and Project Ananse, a group made up of friends based both in
Ghana and the UK. They aim to use African culture as the backdrop and inspiration for
modern creative works. They have already developed several Ananse-themed ideas which
include a children’s storybook, a mask pack and comic, all available through this
Kickstarter campaign, and look to continue that streak with this new game. Here is how it looks

The group is looking to raise £5000, through Kickstarter, to cover coding and production
costs. Support this project, and help rescue our beloved Ananse by heading to the kickstarter campaign page here

Learn more about the creator

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