What happened at MESH Creative Confab Nov, 2016

Just two days ago, Accra witnessed the second edition of the biannual MESH Creative Confab at the Museum of Science and Technology, Accra-Ghana. This event brought together yet another diverse phase of creatives once again to Meet+Explore+Share their works, projects and services in the just ended MESH Creative Confab, November 2016.

The event started with an address from the Deputy Minister of Culture, Creative Arts and Tourism, Hon. Dzifa Gomashie and continued with an Expo where exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their products and services with the objective of business networking and market expansion. It also provided a platform to engage and receive feedback. This edition experienced an awesome expo session from Leti Arts opening participants again up to their exciting Africa inspired games for mobile and PC, Lesscode- a software company which designs websites for Creatives without coding, Desscode, Bohten and Samuel Owusu Achiaw, a pencil artist. The expo run throughout the creative gathering.

The event zoomed into the next phase of an interactive session between the creative audience and keynote presenters, Selassie Atadika- a culinary artist known as MIDUNU. A company with an eye towards celebrating Africa’s cultural and culinary heritage whose goal is to create experience where culture, community and cuisine intersect, reminiscent of earlier times while creating new memories. They achieve this goal through their nomadic events, social events catering, retail and lifestyle products and also their bespoke event space. Eyram Tawia of Leti Arts. Eyram Tawia is the CEO and Co-founder of Leti Arts, formerly Leti Games and is the CEO and Co-founder of Leti Arts, formerly Leti Games. Fred Martins, a Nigerian artist who revere’s African Martyrs in the art of Afro Comb and has been credited for several notable works including campaign artworks published by the United Nations during their Global Goals Campaign 2015 and different magazines.

The event entreated the audience to a 30 minutes break with the catering services of Golden Cottage and Royal Touch. The event zoomed into another session of portfolio reviews where we saw arts in animations and lifestyle themes and performances in spoken word. The segment was dedicated to Creatives using MESH Creative Confab platform to exhibit their works during the event, amongst these portfolio reviewers include Wear Ghana, Lesscode, Yaw Onyina, Quaphrima, Jeremiah Doodo, and many other talented creatives.

Rounding up for MESH Creative Confab November 2016, there was a movie screening session of one of the most ground breaking works from young creatives in the Northern Film Makers Association in the studios of OBL, a movie titled PIELI. Words cannot do description to the concept, content, effect and originality of the Movie Pieli.

The atmosphere during this remarkable event was a mix of astonishment, fascination, shock, excitement, disbelief all in one space, as participants witnessed works by Ghanaian creatives that one could hardly phantom could come from the nation Ghana. It was more than obvious how interactions, feedback and networking sprouted out of the total package of this event.

With sincere appreciation, we thank the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, the Museum of Creative Arts and Technology, the Keynote Speakers, Portfolio Reviewers, attendees and vendors for making MESH Creative Confab a total package of success.

Follow the link below to get the full gallery of MESHConfab

November 2016https://meshgh.com/2016/11/23/photo-gallery-mesh-creative-confab-november-2016/

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