Digital Training for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

square posterOverview

As part of our West Africa Digital Inclusion Project, the British Council through its Digital Skills Training project is creating a platform for artists and creatives to develop and improve their understanding of digital tools and platforms available to enhance the creation, production, distribution and exhibition of their artistic outputs.

We define digital skills here to mean the ability to effectively use digital tools and channels to communicate, create content, transact, solve problems and be safe and legal online.

Target Audience/ Eligibility:

The demographic for the Digital Skills Training project will include artists and creative entrepreneurs within the age range of 18 to 35.

Artists and creative entrepreneurs will include filmmakers, musicians and other music sector professionals, fashion designers and other professionals, performing artists, visual artists, architects, journalists and other broadcast professionals, advertising practitioners, publishing sector professionals and gaming or software designers and other practitioners.



The objectives of the digital training would be for artists and creative entrepreneurs to:

  • Develop the ability to effectively use digital tools and channels to communicate, create content, transact, solve problems and be safe and legal online
  • Increase their understanding of the various digital platforms that they can use at various stages in their artistic practice
  • improve their knowledge  to capitalise on the available digital tools to support their practice in the creation, production, distribution or exhibition of their work in digital spaces.


Mode of Training

The training will be:

  • delivered face to face
  • tailored to the needs of participants using application information
  • practical and skills learnt immediately applicable
  • delivered in 3 days from 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. on each day


Modules To Be Covered

Email Marketing

This module will teach the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers/clients and how to show adverts to people as they check their emails, especially targeting people that receive emails from competitors. The new General Data protection Rule (GDPR) has to be put into cognisance for artists/creative entrepreneurs interested in the EU market.

Search Engine Optimisation

This will focus on getting organic traffic by teaching how to show up on search results when a keyword related and relevant to your business is searched for.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search

This will teach understanding paying for Ads based on conversion to website clicks.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

  • This will teach how to target specific audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube using their interest, following, device and many other targeting options.
  • This will also cover how to employ Content Segmentation and social advertising to convert followers and connections to leads and customers.

Social Media Content Design

This module will teach how to get high quality engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube that grows and converts likes and followers into new, returning and referral customers without paying for social media advertising.

Social Media Tools & Trends

This module will focus on Social Listening to understand algorithms and how to use it to gain more exposure and engagement and how to track what people are saying about a creative business on social media to monitor and respond to customer service and reputation management issue.

It will also cover the social media activities that can (and should) be automated by software.

Google Display Advertising

This module will teach how to best use the Google Display network to place adverts designed to find the right audience, find new customers or engage existing customers at the right place and the right time as well as drive more conversions using automation.


This will teach how to conduct commercial transactions on the internet and the best options available to creative businesses.


This will teach understanding what analytics to measure performance with and how to use the analytic data to improve engagement, click through rates and sales.

How to register

To be a part of this free programme, please fill the online form at and submit before or on the 25th of September 2018. Please note that there are limited spaces available and you have to register online through this form to be a part of the programme. All applications will be evaluated and successful applicants will be notified by the 28th of September 2018.

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