About me
I hail from Wa, in the Upper-West Region of Ghana, studied architecture and i’m currently pursuing an Mphil. in Urban design at the KNUST, Ghana. I co-founded DZYN Studios in 2007,an architecture visualization and graphic design company based in Ghana.
I am currently involved in various projects towards sparking a creating revolution in Ghana because i believe creativity and design are the answers to most of our national development issues. I am very passionate about the environment and anything related to it and this passion led to me pursuing Urban Design as a discipline because i believe that it is only when we have a sound urban environment that we can live our lives to their full potential.  I am a very optimistic Ghanaian, I believe that we can make this country into a modern utopia in the next ten years as long as we harness Ghanaian creativity at its full potential
About the blog
Ghurbanist is a place where i voice out my opinions about urban design issues in Ghana. I do not only criticize where things have gone wrong, but i also offer my opinions about solutions to the problems. I believe that image is everything and a vision has to be seen, and true to my beliefs, i try to as much as possible present these solutions in very compelling visual form rather than in long volumes of writing. From time to time, my posts will be in the form of video recordings of myself. It is about time that we made a departure from talking about what needs to be done and rather get into the actual doing.