Our Manifesto

We believe that creativity and the creative industries are the new frontier for national development. A new generation of Ghanaian creatives is emerging and we believe that when all these creative energies are harnessed to their maximum potential, we can help start and fuel a Creative Revolution, signs of which are already evident in the wide spectrum of emerging young creative talents that we have and continue to discover  within the last few years. We are optimistic, that this creative revolution will drive a new wave of
industries which will provide employment for the youth, create wealth and ultimately accelerate National Development. We also believe that most of, if not all of the problems we face as a nation can be solved through creativity.

Who we are

We are a creative platform consisting of a versatile team of energetic and innovative young Ghanaians who are dedicated to using our skills in creative writing, photography, videography and proficiency in social media to facilitate the meeting, exploring and sharing of Ghanaian creativity with the aim of helping to fuel a creative revolution that will help accelerate national

What we do

We leverage the power of social as well as traditional media to highlight creative and innovative ideas and the people behind those ideas, serving as a portal for discovery and a source of inspiration. More importantly, we provide opportunities for the physical meeting of these individuals, groups and organisations of the emerging Ghanaian creative scene for purposes of networking, collaboration and socialization. Our three main portals for achieving these are MESH Confabs, MESH Labs and MESH TV

5 Comments Add yours

  1. kwame Obneg says:

    does your platform also shares work of good muscians? And secondly can any musician send his music to your or it to be share or it has to screened first

  2. Hassan Salih says:

    Thanks for the question Kwame. In the meantime, we are concentrating a lot of energy on alternative arts including alternative music. There are several platforms for conventional genres of music. We are more interested in alternative music and spoken word concerts. The idea is to encourage creativity and thinking outside the box.

  3. I’ve written a dance drama on the exodus of the Ewes to their present abode in Ghana. I want to contact a very creative choreographer to discuss this project. Would this dance project come within your area of interest?

  4. Yushau Ahamed says:

    Hello, can u kindly write me back for important discussion. Because I don’t have your email I should have done that earlier.

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